Live IT! … Ways to Volunteer

Want to help the rescue movement but can’t adopt?

No worries!  There are plenty of other ways to get involved, some that don’t even require you to leave your house!


Here are some ways to get started thinking about creating change.

1. Yes, adopt if you are looking for a new pet!  Or help with someone looking to rehome their pet.  If you MUST purchase please research reputable breeders.  Check out our page about puppy mills to learn more.

2. Consider being a foster for a rescue animal, giving them safe haven and nurturing them while they await their forever home.

3. Drive a leg, save a life!  Volunteer to drive a leg of a trip in a transport of rescues from high kill to safety.

4. Host a party and ask friends to make a donation of an item or funds for a local rescue related group.

5. Help the family of a lost pet distribute flyers.

6. Share adoptables with potential adopters you know.

7. Volunteer at a local shelter to exercise dogs, clean kennels, transport pets to adoption events and more.

8. Offer your talents with organizing events, taking photographs, writing flyers or materials for websites etc. for a local rescue or advocacy group.

9. Get kids together to make toys for shelter pets.

10. Gather bedding or other items to donate to local shelters or rescues.

11. Get involved with the legislative process in your community and State to effect change on animal related issues of interest to you.  The ASPCA and Humane Society of the United States are great places to learn more.  In addition, seek out State political action committees!  Visit our page to find State organizations.

12. Consider getting your dog involved with a therapy dog program if appropriate.

Check out C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs as one such program.

13. Consider boarding a military member’s pet while they are on deployment!  View Dogs on Deployment’s list of pets in need of a safe place to stay while their owner helps keep our country safe!


Contact a local shelters or rescue group to find out how you can help.

Volunteers may help out at events by handling rescues or transporting them to adoption events. If you are a photographer find out how you might volunteer to take pictures of rescues to market them.

Politics of interest? Contact an animal advocacy group to learn about how you can work to change for the better local or national legislation for animal rights.

Become informed about the issues to determine where you want to put your energies!  There are more topics and opportunities to get involved than you can imagine.

Learn about more needs and ways to help!

defending the defenseless
Read the book Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets by Allie Phillips.

It is  wealth of info to provide you with a perspective on the issues and how to get involved.

Once you get started it will be hard to stop.






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