Pet Walks Raising Visibility For Lost Pets

Generation Wags is about solutions.

Sharing those that exist, and creating new ones where we see an opportunity.

That’s why we’re creating a bridge between
owners of lost pets and pet walks …
or inspiring new ones!

IMG_1082We believe that community pet walks provide a perfect opportunity for parents of missing pets to get the word out about their missing pet through forming walking teams!   We are working to get Walks around the country to partner with us to not only host missing pet teams, but to consider other elements we are developing to help educate Walk attendees about steps they can take to improve the chances of them being reunited should their pet go missing.  Check back for updates on Walks and other plans we have to develop this solution for missing pets.

Help us create matches of Walks and Teams … raising money for walks and visibility for lost pets.

More pets than you can imagine go missing every day.  Some even get lost while in temporary foster homes.  No matter how they go missing the frantic search is just as difficult.  Some are found quickly, some never found.  Those who aren’t found can still be alive and well … nearby or miles and miles away.

Join us as we get the word out for pets that have gone missing in your community.  You’d want your community there for you!

Learn more about keeping YOUR pet safe!

Individuals with Lost Pets
(or to remember one that went missing)…
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When it comes to missing pets we are supporting the fantastic effort of to create a free and integrated map based search site for lost and found pets.  We hope you will join it to grow its community and share it with those who have lost their pet or ones that have been found.

Walk Organizers!
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Grow Your Walk While Helping Lost Pets



Contact us if you would like to create a missing pet walk in your community.  Email us at and mention your interest!