REthink Rescue

REassessing the challenge of homeless pets,
REevaluating the role of pets in our lives,
and steps we can take to REtain our pets,
and REunite with lost ones.

This what REthink Rescue™ is  all about!

REthink Rescue

The challenges are great, but so too are the opportunities.

Generation Wags believes that part of the solution is by stepping back and taking  a fresh look at our companion animals.  Their place in our society and how our human condition in general will improve as we focus on how to pREvent more homeless pets.

The Beatles song goes ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. 

Love is at the heart of what WE call REthink Rescue™.
It invites us to REassess how
homeless pets become homeless,
and REimagine ways to prevent it in the first place.


They depend on us to provide them safety, care, and love.  THEIR love is completely unconditional. We MUST do better in delivering them the future they deserve.  While great strides are being made to rescue and adopt, we MUST do better to PREVENT their abuse, homelessness, and exploitation.

Join us as we work to REthink Rescue™ … take a fresh look at what companion animals mean to our lives, and prevent them from falling into the shelter and rescue community in the first place.

Dogs and cats have become such a familiar household pet, however often the two way RElationship is not fully considered and incorporated into our treatment.   They play important roles as therapy and service dogs.   They assist the police and in searches.   They comfort us in so many ways.  They deserve the same.

View the pages within this section that explore areas not immediately considered as animal rescue related!

View some examples of programs that are working
to REthink Rescue™, and ways YOU can get started!

 REdefining the future of Detroit Dogs

ddrDetroit Dog Rescue is on a mission to create a state-of-the-art, no-kill animal center in Detroit. and in the process raise awareness for the plight of the forgotten, homeless and stray dogs of Detroit.

REeducate yourself about bully breeds


That’s what  Babes 4 Bullies is working to do, along with other advocacy groups to dispel the myths about bully breeds.

REdedicate yourself to pet safety.


Pinups for Pitbulls has created a unique style for their messaging!  Their fantastic pinup art works in a special way to break down barriers related to pit bull dogs.

We’re thrilled that they collaborated with us to promote the importance of microchips and tags especially for these dogs that are unfortunately at highest risk should they end up at a shelter and not be easily identified as a pet.

 REcommit yourself to pet education


Your Dog’s Friend is a fabulous organization that provides education and training to help keep pets safe and happy …. and in their homes!  They even have a Foster Dog Alliance to help fosters of rescue pets work on training their fosters to help them become the best candidate to be adopted.

REconsider the role of pets for those with little else.


Thankful Paws is on the front lines serving pet parents who happen to be senior citizens or homeless.   For this population of pet parents, pets are the ONLY thing they often have left in life.  Their pets provide them with love and they return the favor.

Many people would say that if you can’t afford to have a pet you shouldn’t have one.  Thankful Paws and other pet food banks recognize the important role of companion animals and believe that those who have fallen on tough times shouldn’t have their companions torn away from them … rather a support system devised to support their care.

learn what it means to be a rescue.


How much do you REALLY know about rescues?  Where they come from, why and how they found their way to an adoption event near you?

Homeless pets are a huge society problem … a problem we must address is creative and comprehensive ways.  It is not a PET problem … it is a PEOPLE problem!  Explore Generation Wags to connect the dots and the connection between pet parenting and homeless pets.

Get involved in creating solutions,
starting with your own pet
or one you know.

Volunteer in creative ways.

Leave misconceptions and lack of info behind.

Join us as we work to

REthink Rescue


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  • September 5, 2015 at 7:43 am

    Thanks so much for your interest in supporting our efforts to educate and advocate for rescues and to prevent future ones!

    There is a donation link that appears on the upper right side of our website for any donations you might want to make!

    Again thank you for considering and give your dog and cat a big hug from us!

    Generation Wags

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