Owner Surrenders


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Hard to imagine but countless pets are surrendered to shelters across the land every day. 

Lives counting on us to provide care and love.  Discarded, abandoned.

Some reasons for these surrenders are frankly heartless.  Others are due to lack of planning or sometimes lack of resources.

Unwanted pets may be the result of …

  • unexpected puppies born from pets that are not spayed
  • unwanted moms that were used simply to breed for “cash” offspring and no longer “needed”
  • pets that have behavior problems unchecked with proper training
  • pets with medical needs that owners can’t afford to address
  • pets that survived their owners and now find themselves without a home that wants to care for them
  • pets that were purchased or adopted without proper consideration or commitment
  • pets whose owners experiencing life changes that make it difficult or impossible for them to remain in the homes (i.e. moving to a place that does not allow them, change in jobs or marital status that make care exceedingly difficult)

 Pet ownership is a big responsibility. 

Step up or step in to help pets caught in the cross hairs of circumstances.

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