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art by J Chen

art by J Chen

Just like Children, Pets Require Love, Care, Guidance, and Limits

With pets, which one we select can be vital to set us up for a lifetime of happiness for human and pet.

What are the other elements of pet parenting you need to consider to help you be the best pet parent you can be?

These are important factors and questions.  How well you do your job can actually affect the chances of whether your pet could one day end up as part of the rescue community.  Learn critical decisions that can affect their outcome.

It starts with you … we can help!   

Why Being a Great Pet Parent Matters

ranianddogsBringing a pet into your home should include important decisions from selecting the best pet to care and safety. Poor choices can result in the pet falling in the rescue system one day.

The connection between your pet and homeless pets.
YOUR decisions about which pet you select, how you care for it, and plans you make to keep them safe can make the difference between whether your pet could be at risk to become a homeless shelter pet.

Hard to believe?  In fact it’s true.

Generation Wags is all about rescue, but even more so about preventing future rescues!

Homeless pets are actually highly preventable. We believe it’s time more attention is paid to what preventive measures can be taken, what pet owners can do to ensure their safety, and what creative solutions are taking place across the country.

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While you may not realize it, something as basic as spaying or neutering your pet, and microchipping and tagging it, could play a role in your pet’s safety.  From health concerns for older non spayed or neutered pets, to the risk of lost pets, explore our pages to Get PetUcated!

How do you view your pet?

As “just a dog or cat”, or a furry family member?

Your answer could make the difference in your pet’s future and safety.

A Commitment …

When you bring a furry friend into your home consider it a lifetime (theirs) commitment!   While “life” happens, how you view your commitment will effect how you view those changes and methods to accommodate your furry friend through life changes.  If major obstacles occur, reach out for assistance in terms of advice, family or friends who can support you or be selected to become the pet’s owner if need be, etc.

If you MUST rehome your pet at some time, don’t post as “free to good home” as pets can fall into the wrong hands and be used for dog fighting etc.   Instead, reach out to groups like Rescue Well, rescue groups, etc. to help find an appropriate and safe home.  Most shelters are not “no kill” and can’t ensure that your surrendered pet will make it out alive!

So please, take pet ownership seriously.  Select the right pet for your family make up and activities. Know that it’s not a one way relationship of the pet entertaining and giving YOU love.  The pet is a living being that is becoming a member of your family!

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Learn More…

Our resources and posts will hopefully help you to recognize the info to learn about, ways to reach out for assistance, and steps to take to make your bond the best it can be and keep you pet safe and healthy.

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