A year of Monday Microchip Miracles!

It’s been one year since we started sharing Monday Microchip Miracles with you.  Each story is unique in its’ own way, yet each one is just as gratifying to learn about as the reunion of these pets with their families is life changing.

Sadly, pets go missing every day, in numbers that are hard to fathom.  Help reduce the number of lost pets by protecting your own pet from joining the ranks, and by considering helping to reunite others through our new initiative Unite 2 Reunite!

While the stories on Monday Microchip Miracles are ones resulting from the pet having a microchip, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of making sure your pet also has a visible ID tag as their FIRST line of defense to get home!  Both a visible ID tag and a microchip are needed.  Both can fail in a variety of ways.  

Take our Love Tag Chip challenge to commit to doing both, and then enjoy our one year recap slideshow below!

Remember, keep your pet safe, save a shelter space.

And if your pet goes missing, NEVER GIVE UP!  Miracles do happen.


ENJOY our one year of Monday Microchip Miracles!

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Keep stories coming our way!  Email us YOUR reunion story!

  Remember to microchip, register,
and keep your contact info updated!

Even if your pet has gone missing and it’s been some time,
you might one day get that miracle call!

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