Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Group Grows With Compassion

Let’s meet another great group making a big difference in the world of community cats and in low cost spay and neuter:  TNR of Warren, Inc., in Warren, OH.  Ever wonder how these groups come to be or think it’s something that you could not do?  I hope that after you read this story, you will be inspired to act too!

The founding members of TNR of Warren, Inc. were friends who attended a graduation party at a local park. At the park, they became aware that the park was used as a cat dumping ground. There were cats and kittens everywhere. People were complaining and angry about the cat situation.  The friends looked at one another and said somebody needs to do something and in the next breath said: it needs to be us.

They obtained traps and began catching and fixing the cats with the assistance of a wonderful vet (who was also at the party). They rehomed every cat they could and released the feral cats. In a couple of years, the park went from over 150 cats to a colony of 10 which they maintain with a caretaker in place. Cats are still abandoned there but they are right on top of it.  The newcomers to the park are immediately trapped and rehomed or released. The colony stays pretty much status quo. This was in 2008.

As people heard about them, they began getting more and more calls for help and in early 2009, when Corinne Stiles took over as president, they became a non-profit and really got the TNR bandwagon going.  Now, nine years later, a spay/neuter clinic of 40 cats is held every two weeks and 110-cat clinics every five weeks.  A large low cost spay/neuter clinic is used to do the 40-cat clinics. It is located 25 miles away and our 110-cat clinics are done by a mobile clinic which comes to town for two days. They also use two local vets that give us a price break. These clinics usually average about 200+ cats every five weeks. To date, we have spayed and neutered over 9,000 cats.  WOW!

Services are offered to community cats (stray or feral) and barn cats. A low income program (to try to keep pets in the home while providing family members with a sense of responsibility for their pets) is in place too. This is especially important for children. TNR of Warren, Inc. feels unfixed pets will end up outside with people dealing with spay/heat cycles. Fixing these cats just makes their mission easier.  They are able to offer affordable prices through grants, fundraising and donations. And networking with many other organizations is important also.

TNR of Warren, Inc. takes the approach that the person wanting the spay/neuter help needs to be involved. They think people value the cats more with this approach. They charge a minimal fee, loan traps, give instructions and tips from everything we have learned over the years (some of us have been at this for 40 years) and have the person transport to our central pick up location. There is no problem with filling all the spots in their clinics.

Winter shelter workshops for community cats start each September. To date, about 1,200 styrofoam shelters lined with mylar (to reflect back body heat) and straw have been given out.  This groups has also added a van for transporting to spay/neuter clinics and are now expanding their services with a pet food pantry.

Under the leadership and passion of Corinne Stiles, known as Corky to her friends, TNR of Warren, Inc. has grown into a real-game changer in the lives of community cats and cats in general.  Its easy to see this has been Corky’s life work.  We salute her for making all this become a reality and for always looking for news ways to help.  Thanks to Corky’s life work, her work has made a difference in the lives of so many cats that would have been otherwise left alone.  She has shown, by doing, such compassion and dedication!   We love you Corky – thank you for all you do and are!


This was written by Beth Frank, president/founder of Community Cats United, Inc (Trap-Neuter-Return Community).  Currently, there are over 19,000 members and 1,000 groups in 110 countries and all 50 US states.  If you know of a trap-neuter-return (TNR) group that you would like to see recognized, please contact me at

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