ReLove-ing February!

February was a busy month for classrooms teaching ReLove’s Education for Responsibility curriculum. Here are just a few highlights!

Miss R’s class was studying a unit on “Heroes and Helpers” and they tied that into ReLove’s Lesson 4. After learning about what pets need, and about abuse and neglect, they talked about how they can be a hero to the animals. Here are some of their writing samples!

We have been visiting Westport Academy weekly, where the Weinburg Foundation has dedicated a new state-of-the-art library to support one of the most economically challenged areas in Baltimore City. Our curriculum helps provide a holistic approach to providing resources on various topics affecting surrounding neighborhoods.

We continue to expand the number of teachers for the program (with big expansions planned for 2017-2018!) ~ Mrs. G’s class is in Idaho!

One of the most important lessons we can teach the kids is about how to approach a friendly dog. We do that by providing a class pet, through generous donations, to each classroom. In addition they learn what daily routines are needed for having a pet. These truly are lessons that will last a lifetime for these kids!

Teachers are encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ and implement their own ideas to supplement the lessons. One of the ideas that a few teachers have used is setting up an in-class shelter – Ms. E. and her Pre-k students from William Paca set this one up and adopted out stuffed animals for $2 with all proceeds coming back to the ReLove program. All adopters went through a rigorous interview by the students to ensure the adopters were ready to be forever fur parents! Donations will be used to provide more materials to our classrooms ~ talk about paying it forward and in circles!


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